Yargı: In Season 2 Will we be able to watch Lawyer Ceylin Erguvan in her robe?

2 Questions and Small Reproaches to Dear Sema Ergenekon: In Season 2 Will we be able to watch Lawyer Ceylin Erguvan in her robe? Why Insistence in the Misconception of White and Righteous Ilgaz in the Series?

Yargı is a series that I love to watch. I’m looking forward to the second season as well. But while waiting for the new season, it is necessary to say a few words about the first season.

One of the two things I complained about most in the first season was not being able to watch Lawyer Ceylin Erguvan. However, I was ready to watch the transition of Ceylin character from case to case and her wins. But what we watched throughout the first season was an attempt to make us forget that successful lawyer in the first episodes But we haven’t forgotten. Because one of the reasons we watched the show was that lawyer. Ceylin’s energy, her uncanny and unknown character promised us a lot as the audience. At the end of the first episode, I waited a week for the new episode, thinking about how Ceylin would blow the wind and roar now. In the second episode, we really felt the Ceylin’s wind. That’s why the feeling of the first episodes was different.

So what happened next? I think we started sacrificing Ceylin to shine a male character again. Why are our female characters always exposed to this? Really why I am asking? Because I believed that this would not be done to a special character like Ceylin.

For example, there was a toothbrush incident at the very beginning. Even Neva said she is a thief for it, and Pars left the case he was supposed to solve and went after a lawyer who tries to solve her sister’s murder in order to avenge his own sister. Ilgaz tried to give lessons as if he did not have the result in those toothbrushes, he wouldn’t say they were not sure, as if he would not choke the girl with words of they did not know for sure. Although, I can’t say much about this topic because this issue led them to marriage. My heart won’t allow to judge it much. Because the end of the 6th episode was one of the most special endings of the series in my opinion. But the reason I mention this is that none of the people who slammed Ceylin for that toothbrush were clean enough to do so. I’ll come to that later.

The series got so caught up in the illusion of white and right Ilgaz somewhere that they forgot to give us Ceylin, whom we love and expect her to solve cases with her fire and intelligence.

For example, I’m sure Ms. Sema whose pen I trust, would find a thousand ways for Ceylin to be accused of killing Engin. But it was an insult to Ceylin’s intelligence to think that the girl who got into that car wouldn’t be able to get the key and leave or lower the tires or wake up all the security in the hospital. 

In all the episodes after the prison, Ceylin was shown wrong. But she wasn’t even then. Most of her arguments were right I think. If they had found the secret of Yekta’s past, they would have survived most things more easily. But most of the things in their relationship was decided by Ilgaz, Ilgaz was right and Ceylin should follow Ilgaz’s decision. Ceylin was stuckto this unjustified boring situation. At that point, every time Ceylin applied her own opinion, her disobedience was shown as a mistake.

Most importantly, we did not even see Ceylin in her robe as lawyer. However, my biggest expectation from this series was to watch Lawyer Ceylin Erguvan. It would be a great pleasure to watch her solve cases, if we could.

Let’s come to my other complaint… White Ilgaz and the right Ilgaz misconception. I said misconception, yes. Characters that tried to be justified and shown white with a lot of emphasis, bore me in general. However, despite all the criteria he has imposed on Ceylin, Ilgaz is a character who has not met his own criteria many times, committed crimes and abused his title. This fact does not change when everything Ceylin does in the series is enlarged and Ilgaz’s is given as normal.

First of all, as far as we know, Ilgaz is a prosecutor who has covered up two crimes.

One of them was his own father’s crime. Any honest prosecutor who learned of Metin Kaya’s crime would reopen that case and reveal that Zafer Erguvan, who was falsely accused, had been slandered. Since when is retirement a punishment? Even if Ceylin had mercy and did not complain, Ilgaz’s honesty, love of rule and respect for his office would have required him to reopen the case. Ilgaz did not do any of these and tried to retire his father. Doesn’t retirement mean a guaranteed salary for the future? How is this a punishment? On top of that, he married Ceylin with such a secret.

The second crime that Ilgaz covered up is that of his ex-fiancee, Neva Seçkin. An innocent man lies in jail, but two prosecutors protected Neva. When Neva gives money to the prisoner’s wife and makes the right decision in one of the hearings, these two prosecutors relaxed and congratulated Neva and left the issue. What about the innocent man in jail? These were the men who said lots of things to Ceylin, who was looking for her sister’s murderer for a toothbrush, with mentioning law and rule. 

Then there are two queries that Ilgaz made, again breaking the rules. The interrogation of the man who stabbed his brother, and the man who stabbed his friend. In the first, it was clear that there was violence. It wasn’t shown to us, but all the implications were in that direction. We saw the same thing in the interrogation of the man who stabbed his friend Eren. Even if there was no violence there, the rules were broken.

There were some incidents in series when Ilgaz found all the evidences because his male character must be superior to everyone else and he found the criminal as if he had seen it in his dreams. As such things stand out, they do not indicate intelligence. It shows that he sees details well and is careful. For example, a smart person would have Yekta arrested already. Instead of the stupidity of giving Ceylin’s computer to Pars with her being unaware of it, they would have found many things while the man was arrested. But I forgot, didn’t I? He is very honest. He follows the rules. He can’t let Yekta stay inside for a day, but he can let an innocent man stay inside for the sake of his ex-fiancee’s master’s degree. Nor would he do anything to remove the stigma from another innocent man’s name by securing his own father’s retirement.

By the way, don’t think that I hink Pars is a better prosecutor. He doesn’t have the attention and observation skill in Ilgaz. Mostly because he was afraid of Yekta, he blocked his capture many times. In İnci’s case, Pars’ concern was to teach Ilgaz a lesson. In the second episode, he learned what time İnci left her friend’s house. He did not even investigate where she was going by scanning the cameras that saw the closest bus stop at that hour, the cameras of the buses passing by that bus stop. His mind was elsewhere. He was seeking vengeance rather than lawsuit.

The issue of Yekta hiding Pars prosecutor’s health problem is another matter. Pars did not open an evidence-blackening investigation against Yekta because Yekta hid her health problem. But when the abolished report was Pars’s, everyone attacked Ceylin. Does the presence of Pars change the fact that the man did not open an investigation for this reason? Ilgaz protected Pars. Ilgaz also made a cover-up there. He protected his colleague, did not make him open the investigation. If he wanted to he could say, “Yekta darkened the evidence, you know that. Open that investigation.” And they made Ceylin apologize. Why? Didn’t Pars not open that investigation for his own benefit when the report was his? On the contrary, hasn’t the relationship of interest in between Yekta and Pars become more evident? That investigation was never opened lest his own problem arise. Ilgaz also helped this, and their chief prosecutor as well.

I’m not even writing Pars’s interrogation of Ceylin without a lawyer, not doing any research on the wound on her head, and covering up Neva’s crime.

Many of them could be called human error, if these characters, who did not meet any of the criteria imposed on Ceylin, were not qualified as completely good and completely honest. But I would like Ilgaz, who made a ton of words to Ceylin about Yekta, to remember the crimes he had covered up first. It means that he can allow innocent people stay in prison easily. Moreover, the men imprisoned by Neva and her father Metin Amir were really innocent. Yekta wasn’t. When it comes to Yekta versus Ceylin, I expected Ilgaz to be more understanding, considering his attempt to obfuscate İnci’s murder and what happened to Ceylin herself. But he came up with big “me” centered words. I don’t want to get into hiö giving Ceylin’s computer to the prosecutor without her knowledge. Because I have said many things to him about it. Let them stay with me.

In short, there is a white and rightful Ilgaz that we see in the series, but in fact there is no such Ilgaz. This is annoying the more you watch it. He has many faults, too.

What’s worse is this: Ilgaz thinks he is faultless. He doesn’t even see his character’s mistakes. There are no scenes where Ilgaz questions his own decisions or sees his own mistakes. For this reason, the only person whose justice I trust in the series is Ceylin. Because Ceylin is not blind to herself. She’s a lawyer for someone else, but she’s only prosecuting herself.

Except for the cardigan issue at the beginning of the series, most of her motivations were human and more understandable. Let me tell you that I find the cardigan thing strange too. We’ve never heard from her anyway. But Ceylin is not stupid enough to risk her own profession for a murderer. We understand that she is no lawyer who will remain unresponsive to murders of women as she talked about what kind of lawyer Yekta is in the 5th episode. Although Ilgaz is well-off with his 3-storey building in Sarıyer and jeep, he is not a man who can give her a lot of money. But more important thing is Ceylin is a character who learns even if she makes mistakes. This was also highlighted at the end of the season. In addition, I trust Ceylin’s conscience the most in the series, for example for her defense of the woman who is her client in divorce cese and her words for the man in that divorce case in the first episode. For showing that she can lose the case when her conscience does not allow her in the case of adopted child, and most of all, with her eyes that are not blind to her own mistakes.

My request from dear Sema Ergenekon is this; Do not put shackles on Ceylin. Do not spend her character for the sake of showing the male character is good, correct and honest. Let Ceylin wear her robe and do her job successfully. Let’s watch Ceylin as a lawyer fight for justice by showing what she learned in first season. Ceylin is your character. Do not limit Ceylin in this world where lawyers are attacked and women are tried to be restrained. Let her fight for justice with her free and rebellious spirit, intelligence, stubbornness, fire and conscience, and do her job by wearing her robe.

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