Gelsin Hayat Bildigi Gibi Review of 15th Episode

At first, fortunately we watched a relatively good episode after last week’s disaster. We saw that Sadi worked in his own way in the background of his daily life and continued his research. It was nice. It will be a quick transition, but I want to talk about Karabayır High School, from a specific scene. At the moment of eating cake, while the vagrant crew was teasing our people, I both liked and found it very funny that Mert pass a piece of cake in Araz’s mouth as if he was doing the most normal thing in the world. If you’re aware, what happened between them turned from obvious hostility to much softer skirmishes. A good friendship will emerge from here, you know. I can smell it.

While the person running the bad guys was talking, we learned that there are many more personnel at the police station that secretly working for them. While trying to find out if Songül was talking in her sleep, Yaver remembered that she and Sadi were sleep apart and said, “Oh, you are platonic, right.” He is an icon and %100 right about almost everything, including his reacts.

In the scene where our couple met with the superintendent, Sadi’s attitude was outrageous and disrespectful. I found it both unrealistic and disturbing, be as cool as he wants, he normally can’t act like this to a government official, and he shouldn’t too. They’ve exaggerated for no reason, so that there is a supposedly possessive man attitude. It was ridiculous that Songul liked it too. On the contrary, she should have been angry because she normally has a more serious stance on her profession, or that’s an opinion that belongs only to me..

After Melek’s disappearance, it was very interesting that they did not hug each other tightly when they first saw each other with her boyfriend. There’s obviously a missing hug there. They’re lovers, and they’ve had a tough time, where the tears and embracing?? It was extremely bad that Sanem was sent abroad all of a sudden. Is this girl a letter or what, even the mailing process would probably take longer than what they do. Bullshit.

I was going to talk about the 54th minute, but I guess it would be better if I didn’t. I’m crazy that this show is skipping over such important details with so much screen time. We watched a DISGUSTING scene, it’s litterally disgusting. Disgusting lines were uttered straight and swiftly, without emotion, and we were expected to accept it. I don’t understand. I guess they don’t have any respect for us, the audience.

The hate of the good mothers in the series against Melek’s mother.💖💖💖 She deserves a thousand times more than what was said but still even that much sounded good. I was relieved listening. Finally they pointed out.

Finally, it didn’t make sense for Sadi Payaslı to enter the ACTIVE FIRE zone, which even the firefighters could not enter, with a leather jacket (how did he wear it and why.. please don’t do that anymore) and not be harmed. That’s all for now. Please feel free to comment, it’s up to you whether the articles continue or not. See you next week!


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