Gelsin Hayat Bildigi Gibi Review of 14th Episode

I guess it was the first episode in a long time that I didn’t enjoy. For the first hour, there was almost nothing of note, and the disconnect in the editing was very disturbing. When this happens, the effect of the scenes decreases incredibly. To be honest, it even goes down to zero. Frankly, we are staring blankly, without any enjoyment. Anyway, it’s time to tell everything. I’m pouring all my complaints in this article, let’s see.

In the car scene where we are sure that Sadi and Yaver will get out of the back seat, while Songul is being sung again, she said to Sadi “leave it, my love” between her sentences. 🤩 No one, including us, finds it strange; it’s awesome. It is a being-lover that developed naturally in the process, nice.

Aysel and the scarf

You know, I really want the freedom to swear at times like this sometimes. This thing just got ugly. There’s nothing funny anymore. I don’t understand why you would write such a disgraceful, despicable character/event. Right now, I am very angry with everyone, whether who write, act, or shoot. It’s as if they made an idea about how much more ridiculous we would be. I have passed the difficulty of watching a cheeky person, my blood boils when I think about the words and attitude against a publicly married person. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US? WE WANT TO CONTINUE WATCHING THIS SERIES WITH LOVE AND YOU MAKE IT VERY HARD.

Besides, I wish the previous moments where we could have a little fun were extended instead of the unnecessary 10-hour thank you scene (from everyone to everyone!) after the furnishing and cleaning works in Aylin’s new flat were finished. (Okay, we get it, they’re very good people, they’re super and they’re amazing mothers, girls have their family-related pains, okay.) I don’t know, they could sing while whitewashing. Or they could put one of them on a blanket or something and shake it. Teenager stuff. Am I going to teach these too?

I felt sorry for Mert in this episode. It hurts me because he’s an idiot or something, but he’s being judged by people for something he’s not guilty of. I wish Gizem hadn’t told his boss, and she would have found another excuse. Speaking of young couples, it is interesting to me that I liked the fight between Vural and Sevda. Wasn’t cringe, looked realistic.

beautiful & intimate dance scene

When Serdar, who signaled that he was a treacherous bastard at the first moment he entered the drama, caught Songul in a trap, I was filled with both happiness and excitement that we would finally watch a decent scene. (Devrim Ozkan effect, another congratulations on his acting) I liked it incredibly, albeit briefly, maybe even the only scene I liked in this episode.

It was so beautiful that she was so scared and panicky about the possibility of hurting people unintentionally, bravo. It’s still a bit of Hollywood for Sadi to catch up and find her right away, of course, but..

Out of the subject but related to the character, Songul hugged Serdar so that he would not see Sadi and Yaver. It was meaningless for her to take an attitude from Sadi as if she had done it willingly from her own heart, even if it’s humorous. Songul should have express that too.

liked that one

Long story short, this episode was a bit of a disappointment. Maybe there is a problem, there have been mishaps. If so, I hope it gets fixed as soon as possible. But if there isn’t, the people who write and manage this business should put themselves in order. Look at what the series gave me, which I looked forward to, counted the days until, and was happy to resume. An hour or two full of nervous breakdowns. I hope we’ll watch a perfect episode next week and breathe a sigh of relief. This time the trailer didn’t sit well with me either. I always loved it before.. I don’t know. Well, at least there’s action. 

Look, I’m not saying that every beauty should be at the same time, it is impossible and we know that. I just say that every disgrace, every meaningless subject or detail should not be thrown at us at the same time. That’s it. See ya!


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