The Address Of Charisma Is Yağız Egemen: Çağlar Ertuğrul

He’s one of the actor’s that is not only charming but also clever. Who wouldn’t want someone so handsome and smart at the same time? He graduated from Koç University, as a mechanical engineer. He knows advanced English, and German. On top of that, unlike most of the actors on the market, his acting roots come from real acting: Theatre. Being on theatre stage is important as an actor, and in my opinion, someone who hasn’t been on that stage shouldn’t be able to call themselves an actor.Putting all these together we see that he’s not only muscles and handsomeness- he’s made of talent. He’s a real actor. 😎 

After getting his modern acting education, he started his on-camera acting career with commercials. Five years ago, he met Alper Çağlar, who changed his life. He acted in ‘Mountain’ (Dağ) and we watched him for the first time. After the second movie (Dağ II), the series set the bar high. It broke records after records. 😀 

His performance attracted Mahzun Kırmızıgül’s attention. He was called in for test shots for the show Benim İçin Üzülme. Çağlar stole our hearts with his character Sinan in Benim İçin Üzülme. And after that, he acted for short periods of time i

n the shows Kurt Seyit ve Şura, Boynu Bükükler and Beyaz Karanfil. With Bana Masal Anlatma and Biz Size Döneriz, he increased his presence in the movie sector. He took place in theatre plays Romeo and Juliet, Yobaz, Kaos Teorileri and Leş. (Unfortunately, I never got to see him on stage. 😥 )

In the film Biz Size Döneriz, he danced, sang and basically represented his own personality. He is known to be very fun type in his personal life, he is the source of laughter. (Cool, charismatic, smart and funny? All at the same time? Let’s hope that I won’t faint from too much perfection until the end of this essay 😀 )

Well, now that we put his life so far in a nutshell, we can move on to YağHaz. Çağlar’s last project: Fazilet Hanım ve Kızları. As we know, the fandom is divided. Some support YağHaz while others are on the side of HazSin. As I said on Twitter, I think the story’s about the two sides of love and Yağız represents the passionate side. The mutual attraction between him and Hazan from the first minute is undeniable. But because of the obvious situation that sparks of love turned into hate. Well, love and hate are very similar emotions in the end.

Hazan learned that Yağız was innocent, and all the lies the man she trusted enough to give her heart. So, naturally, things will change. It looks like she’ll give her broken heart to Yağız, who she doesn’t hate anymore. It’s going to be a struggle for Sinan to beg himself off, by the look of it, too. Unless their love with Hazan is bigger than the lies. (It looks like we’re going to watch a war of hearts this season!)

I don’t know what the conclusion will be but we’re going to enjoy YağHaz scenes, that’s for sure. ‘Til now, I supported HazSin, because I didn’t want to share Çağlar (yep I’m jealous, sue me). But the trailer was so good  😎 

If Çağlar gets to smile, I can share him with Hazan a little. (Only a little.) I lowkey want Sinan to struggle. If he confessed everything instead of leaving all the time, I would’ve been like *heart heart heart*. But nope, he chose to be a coward. (I’m gonna be lynched after this, but oh well.) He has to stand between his love and his lies without fear or favour. I made innuendos for Sinan, but will Yağız be honest? We’ll see.

In all the episodes until now Hazan tried to keep her distance from Yağız. She blocked herself in a way. Now that she knows the truth she can allow herself to live her true emotions. So this season will show us Hazan’s real feelings. If she loves Sinan she’ll forgive him no matter what, but if she loves Sinan this season is going to be a chance for them! (I think the canon ship will be determined according to ratings, oops.)

I don’t know what happens to FHVK story but i want to watch Çağlar in a key role like crying like a psychopath, then laughing; going crazy but finally being happy… At the final scene, i want to see he is laughing after his glance which saying ‘’Hahaha who are you? The handsome one always happy at the end of the story.’’ or speaking his dignity. Making the woman happy who his love, and leaving the country. I want to see the sadism in scriptwriting in the new season. (Yes i gushed! Yes it is enough! Okey wait, it’s coming to an end 🙂 )

What does writer actually look like?

Long story short, he’s a man of many parts. In an interview, his answer to the question ”Do you want to die as an actor?” was ”I want to be a director, and then a producer after that.” Yep, he went there! He’s one of the people who always plays big, a perfectionist.

Don’t worry Mr. Ertugrul, being perfect is the biggest flaw. We love you the way you are. We hope that your energy you make us feel through the screen lasts life-long, your success on stage, on camera/off camera, even behind the camera to continue. You have a big fan base loving and trusting you. We’re supporting you, never forget that. 😎 

I’m waiting for you to increase tour numbers 😉 STAY WİTH BEAUTY AND US!

Thanks to @funghoul for translation.You’re amazing  😉 

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