Why We Love Ya Çok Seversen? | Kerem & Hafsanur

The series meets everything you would expect from a romantic comedy that airs during the summer and is extremely enjoyable. The acting is successful, the atmosphere is cheerful and the script is fluent. The character “Ateş” played by Kerem and the character “Leyla” played by Hafsanur are very likeable people and it will be very nice to watch their transformation over time. Little note here; I think it would be better if the development of the relationship between them was and spread over and be more deep because it’s a little too fast.

The team that Leyla works with, Ateş’s aunt (Hatice Aslan) and Ateş’s nephews, are also very good both in casting and acting. When all these elements are combined, the series is entertaining and quite suitable for spending time.

All of the cliché scenes we are used to are available in Ya Çok Seversen. 😅 Pool, dance, jealousy, little arguments, cute child adoring the main girl.. This list goes forever you know. Long story short, Ya Cok Seversen is saver of this summer season from Türkiye side. If you are agree, please let us know in the comments.

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