Let’s Talk About ”Legion”!
  This is going to be a somewhat spoiler-free thing, but if i accidentally spoil stuff, I’m sorry in advance. I haven’t finished it yet so I can’t spoil the finale for you, so there’s that.
  Legion is kinda complex, so I’ll try to simplfy it: A boy -who’s schizophrenic but apparently-not-so-schizophrenic if you decide to trust Melanie Bird who’s a total stranger- named David Haller. And then there’s a girl (I’d be surprised if there wasn’t) called Syndey Berret. And she doesn’t like people touching her. Well, she has her reasons.
  David Haller finds himself in a mental facility called Clockworks, after years of threapy sessions, being a junkie and a failed suicide attempt. After a couple of years spent in there, one day, a new patient caughts his eye. (That patient being Syndey.)
  So, naturally (!) he asks her out. (Like, literally the first conversation between them ends up with David asking her out. Slow down champ.) And somehow her answer is positive.
  I forgot to mention Lenny Busker, David’s best friend. Well, keep an eye on her. Just saying.
 Things happen- Sydney tells David that the doctor said that she was clean and that she’s getting out of the hospital. And David, being the adorable idiot he is, kisses Sydney. THAT GIRL HATES PEOPLE TOUCHING HER FOR A REASON. Well, like I said, things happen and David starts to think that the hallucinations he sees are real.
  After watching the first episode, I literally ran to my friend (Well, ran to WhatsApp #notspon) and told her that I was scared. What if David was actually schizophrenic and Syndey wasn’t real and everything was just a social experiment to see how broken they could get fangirls. Then I realised it was Marvel.
  After a moment of relief I got scared again because we all know we can’t trust Marvel on not breaking our hearts.
  A never ending action and mystery and mindblowing stuff, Legion is. Well produced and very well written- the crew behind the screen is as good as the actors.
  Speaking of actors, Dan Stevens was born to play Legion and no one can tell me otherwise. I got pretty strong Peter Petrelli vibes from him and I haven’t got the slightest idea why- let’s just roll with it.
  I’m in love with the characters and the actors’ potrayal of them. You know an actor’s good when you care enough to hate the character, and I think we’ll see that beautiful acting skills a lot in this series. To be clear, I don’t hate any of the characters so far, but there’s definetly some that I dislike. My favorite character is probably David and Cary- and my least favorite is that one guy on the bad side. I find Kerry a bit annoying -even though I loved her in the last episode I watched-, but I don’t want fangirls attacking me. So, let’s pretend I didn’t said anything.
  So, that’s kind of it, I guess. Sorry for any grammatical or logical mistakes- Even I don’t know what I’m doing.

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