Acting Suggestions for Hande Ercel

We watched our beautiful actress Hande Ercel, who has a worldwide audience, in many popular roles such as Selin, Müjde and Eda. Today, I will tell you about Hande, who adds new people to her followers with every character he plays, in which other TV series and what kind of roles we would like to watch. You can also state your own suggestions in the comments or share your favorites with us from the options we mentioned!


Although I dream of a production that we are mostly familiar with from foreign productions, this role is also possible in the local, of course. A well-educated undercover employee who hangs out like two different people, looks naive and does a lot of work in the background. The characters in this position are usually civil police or intelligence officers in our Turkish series, but frankly, I dream of something different. Like someone hired/raised by a wealthy, prestigious private institution to protect and run their important business, rather than government personnel. You got it.


I know there are people who love to see Hande with children. Frankly, I’m one of those people who likes it. It may be because she has a sincere smile and soft facial features. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the role of a primary school teacher in a town where kids are always around? For therapy purposes.. A teacher character who strives to teach students something and is loved by the local people. Floral skirts under sweaters, tables with students’ parents.. Peaceful.


We already know from the “Halka” period that Hande can adapt to this genre as well. But this time I’m imagining something darker. Maybe she is a somewhat cold character who lives on the streets, is well-known by the police because she commits crimes without showing herself around, and we watch her escape adventures all the time. What do you say?


A woman in love with music singing her songs to large crowds! Wouldn’t it be delicious when combined with the style of those times? Maybe someone he will fall in love with among the audience, the losses she will experience afterward, and she will always repair his wounds with melodies and sounds. It would be a pleasant story.

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